EKG Geochemical Soil Improvement

Environmental Sustainability



Key benefits of the EKG System

The EKG Slope Stabilisation System reduces costs, environmental impact and time, and improves safety.

It is highly adaptable to different ground and groundwater settings and resilient to unforeseen ground conditions and weather.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduction of up to 35% in construction costs compared to conventional methods
  • Reduced health and safety risks by minimising on-site personnel and heavy plant during construction works
  • Reduction of up to 47% in CO2 emissions compared to conventional methods
  • Traffic management minimised/eliminated
  • Can be used in ground conditions involving weak wet soils which are typically inappropriate for conventional soil nailing
  • Zero waste system
  • Reduced consumption of fuel and embedded energy during construction
  • Remediation in existing condition. No requirement for complete vegetation and tree clearance, topsoil removal and extensive soil excavation
  • Small construction plant allowing for easy access and preservation of trees, topsoil and habitat
  • Reduced congestion and environmental impact of material transport including reduced noise and a reduced impact on air quality for surrounding area.


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