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Geotechnical design

A ground model based on back analyses and ground investigation data is used to develop an analytical slope stability model. As part of the ground investigation, specialist electrical and electrokinetic tests are undertaken to determine electrical and electrokinetic parameters. These include coefficients of electroosmotic permeability and electroosmotic consolidation parameters. In addition, post-electroosmotic shear strengths and Atterberg limits of the treated soil are determined together with the characteristic bond strength developed between anodes and the soil during treatment.

Designs using the EKG Slope Stabilisation System are then developed using the standard code of practice for soil nails, BS8006: part 2, (2011) using standard industry software. The EKG reinforcement component provides the basis of the geomechanical design whose parameters are quantified with information from the ground investigation including specialist electrokinetic testing. Longevity is provided by triple corrosion protection of the reinforcement thus facilitating the production of designs with a design life of up to 120 years.

Designs are covered by professional indemnity insurance of up to 10m.

The electrode array is iteratively designed and analysed in order to achieve stability and accommodate site specific features such as trees, changes in slope height and angle and changes in soil types, groundwater conditions and slope condition/geotechnical risk. If the construction programme is critical the treatment may be accelerated and intensified by reducing the electrode spacing. Thus the designer has the option to control a wide range of design variables including: electrode diameter, length, spacing and installation angle along with treatment voltage and duration.

Comparison of EKG site with site using conventional soil nailing method.

  Slope stabilisation project one month after completion with EKG remediation showing complete preservation of topsoil, trees and habitats. Conventional soil nails and toe weighting 100m from EKG site showing environmental impact and over steepening.


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