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Slurries and sludges are produced from a variety of operations and in a large range of quantities and compositions. EKG (electrokinetic geosynthetic) dewatering bags offer a versatile method of dewatering and removing small to medium quantities of slurries at the point of production, requiring a small footprint, using equipment that is easy to install and operate.

Ideal for dewatering difficult materials

  Using EKG bags to dewater nuclear slurry

EKG dewatering bags are ideal for materials which are difficult to dewater, for example:

  • Slurries produced from geotechnical drilling operations.
  • Organic slurries such as primary sludge or those produced by anaerobic digestion.
  • Mixtures of silty clay slurries and organic sludge such as those produced by roadside gully sucking.
  • Wastes with highly variable compositions and particle sizes.

The EKG dewatering bag is designed for multi-use, however, the number of times it can be reused will depend on how it is applied and the type of material being dewatered.

A power supply is required for the operation of EKG bags. A qualified electrician should be consulted on the supply requirements.

Electrokinetic can provide guidance in this area.


  • Turn liquid waste into solid
  • Ideal for low volume batch treatment
  • Can dewater homogenous and heterogeneous wastes
  • Low energy option compared to centrifuge and belt press technologies
  • Small footprint
  • No need for additional polymers
  • Can be operated with or without the use of flocculent and/or coagulant
  • Multi-use design.

Typical dewatering applications:

  • Drilling slurries
  • Gully suckings
  • Small volume dredgings
  • Food production wastes
  • Small industrial wastes
  • Mining wastes
  • Agricultural wastes
  • Water clarification slurries
  • Nuclear contaminated wastes
  • Other slurry wastes.


Further information

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