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Low impact benefits of EKG slope stabilisation

Project outline

Repair of earthwork failures involving landslips represents significant expenditure for Highways England across the national network each year. A variety of engineering solutions conventionally used involve significant earthworks and import of new construction materials, resulting in the generation of waste and a high carbon footprint.

The earthwork which supports the northbound A419 dual carriageway, just north of Swindon, on its approach to the A361 Highworth Road over-bridge, comprises a 6m high embankment of Oxford clay at an angle of 26° within which a 15m wide failure had developed from the crest of the slope to approximately 2.0m from the toe, thus undermining the vehicle restraint system over a length of 12m. Previous remediation with granular replacement had proved unsuccessful.

The alternative to the EKG system under consideration comprised excavation and rebuild using the excavated material as fill for reinforced soil. This was not favoured owing to access restrictions and the impact of extensive earthworks using large plant and the associated level of traffic management that would have been required.

Project implementation

The design comprised:

  • 28 anodes ranging from 4.5 – 7.5m
  • 18 cathodes ranging from 6.0 – 9.0m.

The construction sequence comprised:

  • Strim vegetation and remove fence
  • Deliver plant including DC power supply, AC generator, fuel tank, temporary storage for EKG materials – 1 day
  • Install electrodes; 3 days (2 man crew) with a small, slope climbing rig; zero earthmoving
  • Connect electrodes; 2 days (2 man team)
  • Active treatment of 6 weeks with weekly visits for re-fuelling and data collection.

After the completion of the active treatment, the site was decommissioned immediately.

Decommissioning summary:

  • Remove plant and electrical materials- 4 hours
  • Installation of grout, tendons and faceplates – 3 hours (3 man team)

Project outcomes

The delivered benefits of the EKG system included:

  • The slope was remediated in its existing condition, requiring no earthworks and produced zero waste
  • During the construction programme which totalled 58 days the total personnel requirement was only 33 days on site
  • Small construction plant allowed for easy access
  • The total cost for the scheme delivered savings over the alternatives under consideration
  • Traffic management was limited to a closure of a footpath for the programme and temporary diversion to a footpath for the delivery and collection of items of plant
  • The EKG system embodied 6.54T CO2 representing a 35% reduction compared to projections for the reinforced soil alternative.

Low impact construction: installed and connected electrodes and cables showing the DC power supply on a temporary concrete plinth; AC generator; fuel tank; security mast.

On this site the installation of 46 driven and bored electrodes provided detailed information which confirmed the anticipated ground conditions.

This in turn permitted redesign of the array and significant savings due to fewer installations, less cable and lower overall fuel consumption. As such the EKG system is adaptable and responsive to the observational method.


“Of all the remediation solution options for the embankment Electrokinetic’s provided the least disruptive and low impact solution that improved the embankment stability. Implementation and testing were carried out discretely with results as predicted. Works were co-ordinated and managed effectively.”

Mike Reid, Operational Manager, Road Management Services (Gloucester) Limited


Slope climbing rig. Tracking of the machine up and down the slope was sufficient to smooth out slight undulations in ground surface.




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